Saving Rotten Wood Pieces

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Bring to Boil Now I'm at 260 degrees and all the Borax crystals are gone.

Once all mixed we're instructed to add the same volume of antifreeze to this mixture. Currently we have 20oz in the pan, so we need to add another 20oz of antifreeze.

During the cooking process a strong smell of antifreeze will fill the room. Advise doing this in the shop and well ventilated. Not in the kitchen!!

Pieces of Wood Here are the two pieces of wood I'm needing to save. They are about 5" across and about 18" long. In general these pieces are very strong yet for their age. The angles they are cut at are very important for alignment of the trunk to the cab floor. To have these pieces re-made from Oak or Ash was going to cost me close to $150 or more.

At this point I turned to my wood expert and asked if there is any saving these pieces since the rot is only on the outside and not very deep. Each board only has one spot of rot on it and the rest is nice and hard.

Close up of rotten part A closer view of the rot area shows all the details needed. As you can see the rot doesn't travel to far into the wood. The dark area around the visible pieces missing is the outer edge of the rot.

Also note the small holes in the wood. These are from the Powder Pole Bugs and stage 2 of this process will kill any of these bugs that might still be alive in the wood.

Digging out Rotten Wood To help get the epoxy to hold later I drilled out some of the rotting wood. It's very easy to tell how far to drill into the wood to remove the rot. The drill will just fly through the rotting wood and as soon as you hit good wood it will almost stop drilling without adding a fair amount of pressure.